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Carepedia is the one stop destination for all exotic and semi-exotic animal care sheets. Articles extensively covering care for Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Birds, and Exotic Mammals. This is a community web page, and allows you and people like yourself to provide helpful care hints.

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An exotic pet can be many things; they are mostly adored for their fascinating look. Reptiles and Amphibians are the most commonly known exotic pets, but fish, invertebrates, birds, and some mammals can also be classified as exotic pets. Most exotic pets are un-domesticated, but some can be almost tame. Sadly, many people buy exotic pets without a idea of how to care for it. These animals usually die within weeks or even days. This website is designed to give people detailed descriptions of how to feed, house, and overall enjoy these beautiful creatures without any heartbreak or suffering.

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